About us

We are a handmade workshop.We design and handmade leather goods, collage arts, illustration stickers, art decorations...We like to use pure natural materials, and we hope that life can be better because of us.we hope that you enjoy these products and that they last you a lifetime.

About Collage Arts

I designed and made these collage arts and stickers.Some of them are hand-painted, and some are drawn with an IPAD.I hope you like it and enjoy.

About leathergoods

we are committed to bringing the best handmade leather products to the world. We keep using pure natural vegetable tanned leather and all our products are hand-made. The well selected leather materials all come from Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, whose leather factories have a century of tanning history. We have reason to believe that the leather products we make are durable and not easily damaged,  and can last for decades or even a lifetime.

Vegetable tanned leather is made of vegetable tanning, which is the oldest way of tanning leather. It keeps the natural and friendly state of the leather. The biggest feature of vegetable tanned leather is the beauty of aging. After usage, due to constant friction with clothes and hands, oil stains, sweat, and the effect of sunlight, its color and gloss will be deepened and It will become brighter. This is a trace of time and a joy of growth.

Since vegetable tanned leather is the most primitive and natural material, the surface of which has not undergone any special treatment, so it will retain the original skin state of the cow when it is alive, including scratches, wrinkles, blood vessels, uneven pores, etc. Every product owns its unique leather appearance, just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, this is why it is so attractive.